Festival Belluard Bollwerk International


Watch & Talk

This year again, emerging artists from Switzerland and around the world will accept the invitation of Migros Culture Percentage to attend the Watch & Talk residency at the Belluard Festival. This non-academic training programme offers participants time out from artistic production and gets their creative juices flowing at full speed again. They attend all of the performances and events, discuss what they have seen, and share their artistic practice. They will mingle with the public, meet the artists in attendance, as well as reflect on their experiences during the Artist Talk on 4th July.

This year’s line-up is: Isabel Aguerrebere (Mexico), Azadeh Ganjeh (Iran), Natasha Jozi (Pakistan), Manon Krüttli (Switzerland), Katrin Murbach (Switzerland), Gcina Shange (South Africa), Fabian Jaggi (Switzerland) and AdamLucas (Kenya). Broader horizons beckon for artistic output of the future!

Belluard Bollwerk
  • Thu 25.6. 20:00 - Sat 4.7. 20:00
  • watch & talk is a Migros Culture Percentage, organised in collaboration with the Belluard Festival