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According to estimates, the “Fortress Europe” policy has claimed the lives of 25,000 people since 2000. The issue of absorbing refugees is the subject of heated, and often toxic debate in many places. Turmoil and fear prevail, yet urgent action and proper discussion are needed to address this problem. After all, freedom of movement, not to mention asylum, is a fundament human right. Or is it? How do we justify the privileges that we in Europe enjoy thanks to a mere accident of birth? Throughout the world, the more affluent members of society are increasingly closing ranks and shutting themselves of from the poor and the disadvantaged. On what authority is such a stance permissible, and what effects does it have?

432 artists from 48 countries around the world submitted project proposals dealing with the theme of Fortress Europe. Once again, thank you to everyone. The jury selected seven for inclusion in the 2015 Belluard Festival. Through their differing approaches, these projects offer an empathetic, multi-layered and nuanced take on Fortress Europe.

The Berlin collective andcompany&Co. perform a remixed version of its “Smuggler’s Opera”, while Random Institute from Zurich documents the visa application process of two Moroccan artists they have invited to Switzerland. English artist, Graeme Miller photographs the sky above the small town of Weisslingen, where a man has fallen from the sky some years ago. The Iranian theatre company led by Seyed Kamaleddin Hashemi recounts the stories of five refugees who are stuck somewhere between all borders. Viktoriya Myronyuk reveals the Ukrainian love spells that can help bewitch a future European husband. Haworth + Hayhoe subvert the terror of border control, carrying out random, yet friendly spot checks around the festival site. Momar Ndiaye conveys the desperate desire to come to Europe which consumes a young generation in african cities in a choreography.

The galleries of the Belluard fortress will provide the setting for the Cabinet des Réalités. Invited experts will discuss specific features of Fortress Europe, such as the legal dilemmas, policy-related projects, philosophical issues, sociological insights and personal stories.

Call for projects launched by the Festival Belluard Bollwerk International and Migros Culture Percentage