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Dear all,

We believe that access to intelligent, entertaining, surprising, moving, exciting and, perhaps unsettling, artistic projects should be universally affordable. This is why each event will be available at the single fixed ticket price of CHF 15. Reduced prices and special rates are not valid any longe – everybody pays, and all pay the same. Except of course, if you wish to give the festival an additional support. Then you are welcome to pay CHF 30 and become a festival patron! Nonetheless, there are people in Fribourg for whom even spending CHF 15 remains well beyond their reach. This has prompted us to introduce Tickets Suspendus, which allows you to purchase a second ticket which we shall then pass on, with help from partner associations, to a refugee or another disadvantaged member of the community.

Close to 100 artists from around the world are set to bring their projects and ideas to Fribourg. The first four days of the festival will see Senegalese dancers, Iranian actors, a performer from Ukraine, a German collective, as well as British, Swiss and Moroccan artists share their ideas and thoughts on the subject of Fortress Europe. The Italian duo Deflorian/Tagliarini will stage two plays exploring memory and identity. Memory is also the focus of the project by Portuguese artist Tiago Rodrigues, in which he will make members of the audience learn a poem by heart. Ingri Fiksdal from Norway will tackle the blind spots of human perception, while the French company Sacékripa plunge head first into the abyss of everyday life. Nearly half of the festival programme is given over to home-grown artists from across Switzerland, proof positive of the country’s incredibly diverse contemporary arts scene. The people of Fribourg are also starring in a number of projects, such as local car enthusiasts who will perform a farewell waltz with their beloved four-wheeled friends, while a Fribourg choir will provide the musical accompaniment to a dance solo, and the local festival-goers will be the subject of a special video installation.

Throughout the festival, refreshments and street food will be served in the former Arsenal. The space will also host discussions, concerts and lots of opportunities to party. Why not join us and help get the party started!

Anja Dirks and the Belluard Festival team