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Compagnie Sacékripa



Miniature circus piece for meticulous prig

A cup, a kettle, a few sugarcubes: a correctly dressed, rather fastidious, delicate, excessively orderly and scrupulous gentleman prepares with utmost accuracy and precision to the least detail – a cup of tea. He applies himself to harmless trifles with extreme gravity, very calmly, very, very, very calmly even. But little by little tension rises at this tea ceremony between laughter and shudder. Mixing object theater, miniature circus and reluctant clown,Vu takes a humorous look into the abysses of the seemingly unspectacular.

45 min
no language requirements
Arsen'Alt Salle Nord
  • Tue 30.6. 19:00 - 19:45
  • Wed 1.7. 19:00 - 19:45
  • 15 CHF



Text and Play Etienne Manceau Oeil extérieur Sylvain Cousin Production Cie Sacékripa Coproduction & Residence Pronomade(s) en Haute Garonne, Centre national des arts de la rue / Le Samovar, Bagnolet / Quelques p‘Arts... Scène Rhône-Alpes Residence & Support CIRCa pôle national des Arts du cirque Auch, La Petite Pierre Jegun, l‘Espace Catastrophe Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque Bruxelles, La Grainerie Balma With the support of Le Lido Centre Municipal des Arts du Cirque de Toulouse, l‘Eté de Vaour Illustration Etienne Saglio

  • With the support of Ambassade de France en Suisse

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