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A life in numbers

When Janina Turek died, her daughter would uncover 728 notebooks, in which the Krakow housewife meticulously documented her entire life for 57 years: telephone calls made (38,196), appointments made (1,922), people to whom she said hello (233,979), the presents she gave (5,817), the number of times she played dominos (19), the number of TV programmes she watched (70,042), as well as many other minutiae of everyday life. Deflorian/Tagliarini set off on a quest: Why did Janina Turek record and count everything? And most importantly, who was she? This performance is a moving study of transiency and identity.

60 min
in Italian with French and German supertitles
Belluard Bollwerk
  • Wed 1.7. 22:00 - 23:00
  • 15 CHF



Idea and performance Daria Deflorian, Antonio TagliariniBased on a reportage by Mariusz Szczygiel LightGianni Staropoli Collaboration Marzena Borejczuk Organisation Anna Pozzali International promotion Francesca Corona Communication PAV Production A.D., ZTL_Pro With the support of Provincia di Roma, Festival Inequilibrio/Armunia In collaboration with Fondazione Romaeuropa, Palladium Università di Roma Tre, Teatro di Roma

  • With the support of Oertli-Stiftung

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